The future of wearables is smart clothing, not fitness bands


Top tech-enabled workout gear: From sports bras to shorts

2015 was the year of the wearable – practically overnight, Fitbits and Jawbones appeared on the wrists of the fashion and tech-conscious, while Apple made its mark on the wearable market with the Apple Watch.

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Wearables are only going to get more advanced and more popular, but it’s tech-enabled clothing that’s the future. What could be more convenient than having the tech woven into the very clothes you’re wearing?

Enter the new league of ‘smart’ clothes, which do way more than make you look good. They measure your heart rate, tell you when you’re running too slowly, highlight which muscles are working the hardest – and that’s only the fitness-focussed group.

These clothes makes fitness wristbands look, well, so 2015. Your kitbag deserves an upgrade.

One for the ladies

This bra is smarter than the average. The MyZone (£130, available now) incorporates a sensor and clip-on MYZONE module. Combined, they measure your heart rate and calorie burn, displayed via the smartphone app, and the one-piece seamless bra offers supreme comfort and more than an ounce of style, grabbing onto the continuing trend for sportswear-leisurewear.

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The OM signal bra

Alternatively, the OMsignal bra (on sale Spring 2016) has a companion app that acts as a personal trainer, planning out your optimum workout week by analysing your calorie burn and heart rate data.

From telling you to go easy at the gym one day to giving you that extra push the next, it even tells you how many calories you need to burn to earn that lazy day on the sofa.

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