9 Advantages Women Can Gain Through Strength Training


(WomensFitnessFocus.com) When it comes to getting a toned and slim physique, you should not overlook the benefits of strength training. While you might not want a heavily sculpted body, strength training nonetheless offers additional benefits that make it worth including in your regime.

In all actuality, strength training is an area that trainers should be actively promoting, as the gains are useful for both women and men.

A Better Mentality

If you’re looking to develop the right body and mind, strength training offers an effective method for putting your mind in the best attitude.

This is because it has a strong focus on constantly achieving and pushing your goals. More than just building confidence, this allows you to stay motivated and focused on the next target.

In combination with a nutritious diet and active exercise program, you will find yourself using your brain more and improving what it is capable of.

As an added bonus, strength training can also remove stress. In short, by keeping focused on achievable goals and working through stress, your mind will be in a much better condition.


Strengthen Your Bones

For many women, weak bones are a common problem in improving their body. Strength training, however, doesn’t just focus on muscles. It actively develops your bones.

This is because strength training is readily connected to better bone density, which helps strengthen your bone tissue. Aside from a stronger skeleton, this helps decrease the risks of osteoporosis or injuries, such as fractures. This can even benefit the bones in your spinal cord, which further protects your nervous system.


Restore Your Metabolism

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, everyone loses muscle mass as time goes on. A key result of this aging process is a slower metabolism.

This lowers the fat you can process, in turn increasing the bulk weight added to your body. For many people, this can start at some point within their thirties but, fortunately, there are a number of exercises that can help re-ignite your metabolism.

Dumbbell lateral exercises are a perfect example. These offer a long lasting result; your body will be burning fat off for hours after you’ve completed the original workout.


Better Joints And Less Pain

Healthy joints are vital when exercising and many workouts, such as hack squatting, are a great way to achieve this.

By using strength training to improve your joints, you can reduce the chances of encountering pain in these joints, as well as in the connected muscles.

This process also works for back pain, which is something many women experience throughout their life. With active, regular training sessions, you can easily live your life with less back and joint pain.


Less Personal Injuries

Overworking can always lead to the risk of injury, but strength training offers a way to diminish these chances. When your joints, bones and muscles are healthier, you can handle more pressure which could cause damage to your body.

With regular training, your body will be able to handle bigger challenges, including additional stress, and complete them undamaged. Similarly, your muscles will find it easier to adapt to any challenge, resulting in less pain from stretching in a wrong or unusual way.


Burn Through Even More Calories

Strength training requires a lot of energy, making it a great way to burn through calories. This occurs even after you’ve finished your exercises. This process, by which the body continues to use calories up, is something professionals like to call physiologic homework.

Simply put, muscles need more fat to build up, as well as maintain. It is because of this that strength exercises offer one of the best ways to build muscles or even lose fat.


More Lean, More Powerful

For many women, cardio workouts are the instinctive option for a lean body, but it’s actually quite a slow process. As has just been mentioned, strength training burns through more calories.

This, combined with a faster (up to 15% at times) metabolism, ensures that better results are on a much quicker scale. As additional support, your internal health is also improved due to the increased muscle and bone strength.


A Healthy Heart

Weight training doesn’t just serve the external muscles. It also provides plenty of benefits to internal areas, such as the heart.

An improved metabolism helps to remove cholesterol and excess fat, which makes it easier for your heart to pump blood. Research proves that strength training can also lessen the chances of developing type 2 diabetes by removing glucose and triglycerides from your bloodstream.


Better Body Mechanics

Strength training can do much more than help you achieve a slim, toned body. It also improves various body mechanics, such as your balance and coordination.

This helps you develop a better body posture, making it ideal for people who suffer from poor balance or a lack of flexibility. It can, in turn, reduce the risk of falling down by as much as 40%. This is vital for everyone, including women, as they get older.


Start Strength Training

To summarize, strength training has plenty of benefits to offer anyone, with the most powerful and worthwhile advantages being those mentioned above.

Women erroneously believe strength training will make them muscular and lose their feminine appeal. However, this is in fact the opposite as strength training offers women a toned physique as well as several other vital benefits. Why not start strength training today?

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Demmy James is a fitness buff, strength and conditioning specialist and content contributor with Muscle & Strength. He is constantly looking to inspire and motivate others towards achieving their own health and fitness goals through his writings.


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